Monday, April 19, 2010

Well I went to weigh tonight. I have been worried in my 11 weeks of weight watchers about what the scales will say. This week I was really worried. We went to Atlanta this weekend and I ate all weekend. It was bad. I had cake candy bars chips etc... Anyway I must have been good last week because I think it counter acted my bad weekend. I actually lost almost a whole pound. Granted I wanted to lose more than that this week. I am just glad I lost and didn't gain. I guess walking the 2 miles right before weigh in might have actually helped.

Have I mentioned I am so ready to leave for Disney. It is officially less than 9 days until we leave. We actually got to check in online today. I can not wait. Well I am about to head to bed because I am super tired and I have to work tomorrow.

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