Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

Sunday was so busy. First thing I got up and went to pick up mom to go to the church. It was our week to clean the church and since we had such a late night Saturday we had to go Sunday morning to clean. So we went ahead and took our food and eggs. When we got to the church it was already cleaned. I love the people we go to church with!! I thought I knew who probably did it but apparently Brother Pat and Sister Tammy figured we didn't get back in time and just did it for us. That was so nice. So we went back home got everybody ready and grabbed the Easter baskets and off to church we went. We had a normal Easter Sunday service. My Granny and Grandaddy came up for church and Dad and Brandy came so we had our whole family there. It was nice! Anyway we had dinner at church then up stairs where all the kids usually meet so we can take some pictures of everybody together. The kids can never really sit still because they are so excited about hunting eggs. Finally went out side and off they went... Logan just wondered around he got about 20 eggs and Lucas was all into it he had like 40 eggs. Then it was still our turn to clean the church. So Bradley went in and started vacuuming he was about half way finished when I finally got the kids rounded up and got inside. We were the last ones to leave of course and it was not even 2:30. I was really excited I thought it would be way later. When we got home the kids were so tired. Logan went to bed and Lucas went out to play with his bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Then back to church last night. Some of our good friends stayed for church last so we got to go out and eat with them at one of my favorite restaurants. (Cheddars) It was fun we laughed and the kids played. Logan spent the night with Papaw so I just had Lucas. When we got home I felt like I had been hit by a truck I was so tired. We got our jammies on and went to bed. Lucas is such a mommas baby. He was so excited he said "Daddy do you have to work tomorrow" Bradley was like yea. Lucas said "No Logan or Daddy just you and me momma" He is a big baby.LOL.. Oh well that was our weekend. And I got tired of trying to upload photos on this blog. So I created a slideshow of Easter Photos above so you can see our days events.

Oh and I thought I did really horrible this week but I must have been paranoid. Of course I didn't track my points because I was so busy. But I lost this week check out my ticker to see my total. I was really happy!! 2.8 lbs is a big deal especially when I thought I did really bad!!!

Right now I am sitting on the couch in my jammies with my babies. Logan is sitting right up under my arm and Lucas is laying on the other end of the couch sound asleep. We have all had baths and we are extremely tired. Lucas and I had to run take a few things back today, then clean up the house and this afternoon we mowed the grass. It was such a pretty day but it was really really warm. What happened to spring. It was 90 degrees outside today...Oh well until next time.. Have a good week!! Night Night

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