Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

Well this weekend was very very busy but we a had a good time! Thursday was buttercup pics and they went well. We were supposed to have a family picture made but Bradley had to work late. So we just did the boys. Here are a few pics I took before our session.

Then Friday I had to finish up a little shopping so the boys and I headed out about 9 got back home about 1. Got my cup cakes done and they were super cute. Anyway then went to the singing it was good but I didn't get home until Midnight. Then I realized that Bradley needed jeans washed. So I stayed up until 2 cleaning and washing and drying clothes.
Boys ready for the singing. In the dreaded pink shirt. Lucas hates PINK!

So then Saturday we headed to Trenton to Kelsey Le's graduation party. So we sat around talked for a while. Then Aunt B wanted to dye some Easter Eggs. Well we started at the table. Then decided we would just sit on the driveway. It is a good thing we did because we had several accidents. I must say it was Brandy's child that made the first mess. Then my child soon followed with mess #2. Then we just lost count
Mess #1

But all in all it was a good day. We ended going to Chattanooga to do some shopping with Aunt Maronica and them before they headed back to Florida. It was nice to spend some time with them. I must say I was extremely tired by the time we got back into Murfreesboro.
Well I am sick of uploading pictures for now so I will blog later about Easter it was very very busy and lots and lots of pictures... Now I am going to grill some hamburgers. Then go to weight watchers I am really nervous. I have not been very good this weekend...:(

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