Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Packing and Cleaning!

Well I have officially began packing for Disney. I know it is still a week a way but we have a million and one things to do before we leave not counting this is 4th weekend coming up. So this weekend is pretty much shot for me. I had to work today and tomorrow I have 2 extra short people to attend to. I have been working on catching up my laundry from this weekend in Atlanta. After tomorrow I have to Thursday and Friday I am pretty sure I will have 2 extra rugrats again. Then as I have already said it is 4th weekend. Monday is free as of now. So I am planning on packing the rest of our things cleaning the house and just getting those last minute things together. I have to work Tuesday until 1 so after that I am going to try to have nothing to do except get some rest. Dad and LeAnne are driving so I have to get all of our clothes to them before they leave. We are flying Allegiant from Chattanooga. Our flight leaves at 8:15 our time. That means we have to be gone from our house by 4:30am and pray to God we do not get stuck in rush hour traffic in Chattanooga. I will be so relieved when we get to the airport and we haven't missed our flight. I am so ready to leave. I wish it was tomorrow morning and I had everything done already. I guess I will have to suffer another week. I am thinking that it will probably go by fast with everything that I have to do. I am sure when Tuesday arrives I will be wishing I had one more day to get everything together! LOL. Oh well I am going to go make sure Lucas is actually cleaning his room and he is not in there asleep. Have a good week!!

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