Friday, April 23, 2010


I only have 4 more days to get ready to leave. Dad is leaving Tuesday afternoon and I have to have my suit cases packed when he leaves around 1 or 2. Since they charge so much to check your bags! Oh well I have my boys Plus Wilkins, Will and Addy today. So I am getting nothing accomplished. I am only here to be the mediator today! I have nothing packed, laundry to wash, desserts to make for this weekend, and I need to clean my house in a bad way.

So when Bradley gets home we are probably going to run get something to eat and hopefully go get him some shoes! Then we are supposed to be at the church at around 7 to do some clean up in the basement. Tonight is booked. Tomorrow I have to drive Miss Daisy (My Mom) to Trenton early in the morning. Not to mention the huge storms that we are going to have to drive in. Get home cook for church get ready. Sunday is full with church and eating at church. Monday I will probably be running around like crazy and cleaning.

Right now I am sitting here and all the kid are outside except Wilkins and she is just wondering around. I think they are being mean to her outside. She usually loves to play outside at my house but today she keeps coming to the door saying"side side" I assume that means she wants inside. I am so sleepy. We have been sewing at moms every night this week. Even after church Wednesday night. I haven't been getting home until after 11. I need to do some shopping and finish up a couple outfits for the kids. Oh well when Wednesday gets here it will all be done and we will be on our way!! I can not wait!! So it's time to get busy again!! Have a good weekend!!

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  1. Girl, you are making me tired just reading your blog....are you sure this is gonna be a vacation? lol...have fun...the outfits you made are adorable...I don't imagine you got your talent from Granny Helon???LOL...we love her and grandaddy Herbert...Peyton thinks they hung the moon and stars