Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weighed in again!

Ok so yesterday was another Monday. I had some running around to do. Groceries and that kind of stuff. So I loaded up the boys and off we went. When we got home Me Lucas and Logan started cleaning out another section of the flower bed. Bradley stopped by the church on the way home to help his dad hang some drywall and then he went to there house to get the tiller. I am so ready for him to get our garden planted!!! Hopefully he will get that done tonight.

So as you can probably tell I go to Weight Watchers Monday afternoon. And I lost 2lbs this week. Which I am really happy with!! Especially considering it is almost that dreaded time of the month... I usually don't lose any the week before and I did this week. So YAY for me!! I am only 12lbs shy of my goal of losing 40lbs before we go to Disney. Which is 2 weeks from tomorrow!!! I am so excited!!! I have so much to get together before we leave.

We have been making some new outfits for the kids. When we get the pictures I will upload them. They are so cute. I finally got to get the Mickey Mouse applique designs for mom's machine. Of course the girls outfits are way more fun than the boys. That is ok I just as excited about putting the girls outfits together!!! Anyway I will probably go finish them up tonight!

OH well I just got home from work and now I have to go fold some clothes!! Till next time...Have a good week!

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