Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 11...

A picture of something you hate...

Ok you are going to think I am crazy for this. I hate 2 things.1st and mostly people that dress their little girls like boys. I found this picture on the Internet ( I blacked out the face) and it was the best I could do sorry! I think you get the point!! You have to have 3 boys to understand this I guess. I think if you have a girl you should dress it like a girl. No blue jeans and hooded sweat shirt. Actually Bradley says that is why I do not have a girl because I complain about this all the time. Every time we see a little girl dresses like this!! LOL

Another thing is bare feet or no shoes on! I am not talking about at home or whatever. I am talking about when it is winter and the parents have 3 layers on and this poor baby has nothing. No socks or shoes. I can't stand it!! LOL

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