Friday, March 18, 2011

Love this weather!

Ok so was yesterday not just beautiful?! Lucas went to school and Logan was at Nana's. So Levi and I went to Play it Again Sports to get Lucas a ball bag and batting gloves. Then off to Dillard's to get Mommy a new bra. LOL... I think it fits me better than any bra I have ever had. It is amazing how it can make you look 10lbs lighter when everything fits right! I know yall all just had to know that! So after I ran got the kids from school we went back and bought Lucas a bat because Yaya couldn't find the one she thought she had. So when Bradley got home we played a little baseball with Lucas before practice. Then Bradley Lucas Levi and I went to practice and after we made quick stop at Taco Bell before I ran to get Logan and Publix. It was so beautiful but it was one of those busy days. So tonight Bradley is taking me to Red Lobster. It will be our first time out since Levi was born. (except church) Of course when we go out we lug all the the kids with us. So it isn't exactly the same as going alone. LOL

Anyway Levi is 3 weeks old today. I can not believe that in 1 week he will be a month old. On another note I have been having some headaches again and checked my Blood Pressure last night and it was 154/97. So I am a little nervous about going back to the doctor Tuesday. She was going to try to start lowering my dose. So I hope all goes well.

We are super excited about this beautiful weekend ahead! Between Bradley working at the church ( we are completely remodeling our kitchen) Monday Tuesday and Saturday and Baseball practice Thursday and Saturday morning. It has been busy around here. He is gone all the time. I think we are going to relax this weekend. Bro Pat is going to Alabama Saturday night so don't tell anyone but I think we might stay home. LOL

Have a great weekend...


  1. Where Is Bro Pat going to church at Saturday night?

  2. He was going to Rocky Branch but now he is going to the funeral home somewhere.