Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I got to go to Church!!

So I finally got to go to church tonight!! I have not been in almost a month. I was so ready to get back. I was on bed rest for two weeks before Mr. Levi got here and Friday he will be 2 weeks old. I can not believe that. Anyway church was really good. Brother Shirley was here and he annointed me. I can not tell you how much I needed that. He preached and did so good. I felt so much better just being there. Anyway tomorrow we have to take Levi for his first check up. I am curious if he has gained any weight. He looks so tiny to me. I am sure it is just because the boys are so big. I am not used to a little baby.

Well today was the first day that I was home alone with all three boys by myself. Everyone survived the day. So I will call it a a success!!! LOL I even washed and put away a load of clothes, fixed dinner (chicken tacos and they were so good), got everyone clothes ready for church, and cut Bradley's hair. Thankfully Bradley cleaned the kitchen up before we left for church. I can not tell you how much you forget. I mean good grief this is my 3rd child. You would think I was a pro at this. I forgot how much goes into getting a baby ready. Fixing bottles and all that good stuff. I am used to just grabbing my purse and running out the door. I started getting things ready for church at about 4 o'clock.

The ride to church was a adventure itself! We have a car! Tonight proved how much sooner we are going to need a van. Everyone fits in the back seat but 3 kids should not sit that close. We put Logan and Levi by the doors with Lucas in the middle. Thinking that would work best because you just never know what Logan will try to do to the baby. LOL He loves to help me and does help me a lot. It is the ideas he gets when he thinks he is helping that causes the problems. He is a nut. Anyway we are going to have to put the baby in the middle. If not Lucas and Logan will not make it to the next destination because I might throw them out or tape their hands together. LOL

Have a good Thursday!!!

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