Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am soooo tired of being trapped!!

Levi napping on the couch! Glad mommy and daddy are home!!
Logan loves to hold him. He is a very proud BIG brother!

The BIGGEST brother!! They are so proud of him!!

Well i am officially tired of sitting at home while everyone else gets to do whatever they want. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't already been on bed rest for two weeks. I have been stuck for 3 weeks. I am actually excited about going to the doctor this week. How sad is that!! Yesterday was like the longest day ever. We sat around all day and night. Levi slept most of the day but did really good sleeping last night too. Today we got up and sat around some more. Nana and Papaw brought some lunch over after church. (Captain D's) Well of course Logan had to go home with them. After they left we dozed on the couch until grandaddy came by for a while. Now Bradley is at church and it is just me Lucas and Levi sitting on the couch watching Max and Ruby's Christmas. Lucas is such a big boy and likes all the big kid shows but he loves this movie. LOL I am sure he doesn't want everyone to know that but he does.
Well its about 5 weeks until the boys are going to Disney with Aunt B and Mammie. They are so excited. I only wish I were going with them. Bradley says I am obsessed with Disney. Maybe I am. There is just something magical about walking into the Magic Kingdom. The kids love it so much. I love seeing their faces when they get to meet all the characters or see the fireworks. Oh well we are all going in October and I can not wait. I have never been in October but I think I will love it. Oh well that is enough of my ramblings for the day!! Have a good week!!


  1. Glad you and little Levi are doing well :) 3 kids! Lord woman - more power to you!

  2. I agree with Cassie!! :) Happy things are going good.....other than you going stir crazy.