Monday, March 15, 2010

Boring Days!!

So I have been looking at old pictures and I am sick I can't hardly even remember when Lucas was this age!!!

And I sure don't remember him being this FAT!! LOL

We have had a boring couple days. Nothing exciting happening for us. Went to church Saturday night. It was pretty good. We had been planning to go to Scottsboro Sunday morning. Lauren has been wanting us to come and I had already been thinking about it last week. So Saturday night Bro Pat said he was going to Higdon Sunday morning which really excited me. I was like oh no what do we do. Cause seriously going to Higdon would have been great since I can not remember the last time I was there for church. I knew that if Bro Pat was going would be one of the few times I could get Bradley there but we decided against both when we realized the time changed. Daylight savings time is rough on us LAZY people. So we didn't go anywhere. Stayed home then went to church last night and it was good. But then we got the phone call during church that Trevor Ledbetter received the holighost in Florida. Bro Ed and Sis Miriam were so excited. You would have thought he received it at Smyrna to see all the people crying and shouting. It was good. So we got home at like 7:30 after we ran by Kroger. (Our church has started starting at 5 and I have to say I love it) I just sat on the couch like a zombie. Then today the kids actually slept in a little which I was really happy. Time change messed them up with their sleep. So today I had something on my mind all day it was driving me crazy. I needed something to work out for me in a big way. So I cleaned out my closet then pulled everything out of the laundry room and organized that. Washed all my laundry from the weekend. To say the least I was trying to keep myself preoccupied. And trying to pray and this afternoon it all worked out so easy and perfectly. It amazed me....So I am not working tomorrow I am thinking I might paint the laundry room or just stay outside all day.. Who knows.. I love spring and I am so excited that it is supposed to be pretty and warm this week..

Oh yea I didn't gain or loss this week. I stayed the same....It is that wonderful time of the month for me so I was kinda surprised I didn't gain a little cause I get the munchies bad plus you know all bloated and yucky feeling. So I was happy with staying the same...


  1. Yall should have came to Sboro Sunday. Adam was off work and he would have been so excited to see Bradley.

  2. We couldn't decided then I told Braadley I thought he was working alot so I didn't even know if he would be there. I wished we would have. We were blah and boring Sunday!!