Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is finally here to stay...I think!!

Well Monday was a beautiful day!! So when Bradley got home Lucas convinced him to fly his Toy Story kite. He has been driving us crazy but Monday was the perfect day for it!!

Those of you who know my sister and family will love this picture! We have been doing some shopping here lately. Getting ready for Easter and for Disney so I thought I would add this picture of my retarded sister showing Dad some swimming attire. I took this and text it to him at work. You don't even want to know his comment!! LOL
LeAnne may possibly kill me if she sees this!!LOL

Well Tuesday and Wednesday have been just as beautiful as Monday and from I hear it is supposed to be this way all week. I am really loving this weather and my kids are too. I had to work Tuesday but when we got home they played outside until dark. Today I had Addy and Wilkins so they all played outside all day. Wilkins mainly just sat in the garage on Bradley's lawn mower but they were really good and I think they enjoyed playing outside. I had to make Lucas come in at 6 to get a bath and eat dinner so we could go to church. Of course he cried and said "I hate church." He is Bradley's child he had rather stay home as to go anywhere. Oh well we have a had a great week so far. Although we have not had our family picture made yet! We rescheduled it for tomorrow at 6. Then Friday we are taking all 6 kids to get a picture with live bunnies at Studio Z. That is always interesting!! We do it every year and Lucas is usually scared of them. He is such a weirdo....
Oh well today marks exactly 4 weeks until we leave for Disney and I finally booked our Airline tickets. I got a awesome deal. I got all 4 of us tickets for less than $300 round trip. Anyway we can't wait to leave and after Easter I have to seriously get busy getting us clothes together. Oh well if I don't post until after the weekend have a GREAT Easter!!!

OH here are a couple pictures of the boys before we left for church. Lucas is ready to go to Nana's house with his backpack! And Logan with his elephant. I made the mistake of letting him take it in church. He kept making elephant noises during church. Everyone was laughing I was ready to beat him. He would wait until it got really quiet and then do it. He is a NUT!!!!!

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