Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Day!!

Today was just another Wednesday except we saw the sun and it was almost 70 degrees outside. YAY!! So I was off and Addy stayed with us today. So this afternoon we went an picked Brandy and Wilkins. Then we took off to the park it was beautiful outside. Just a little more windy than we were expecting. Of course when we got there the sun went behind the clouds. Me and Brandy were a little cool but the kids didn't stop long enough to know they ran like crazy and played. They had so much fun and of course acted like they had been shoot when we had to leave. Seriously they have so much then you have to threaten their lives to get them in the car. But it was fun! Then it was home for dinner baths and church. So all the kids were out like lights during church. Which was nice. The boys went home with Papaw cause I have to work tomorrow. Today made me so ready for spring. I am ready to get the flip flops and short sleeves out for good..Till next time.....

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