Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So Sad!

Traffic Jam!!
Playing in the gravel!

Well today I had to work. So I got up took the boys to Nana and PaPaws. Went to work. So I worked until 1:00pm. Right before I got off work Brandy called and said she just heard that Layla Grace had passed away this morning. She could have waited until I left to call because it took all I can do not to fall apart. This is a precious little 2 year that I have never met. I have only read the blog that her mother has. I can not even tell you how thankful I am for my two boys that sometimes make me want to scream. I can not even imagine how her two sisters are dealing with this. I am 27 and can not imagine one of my sisters dying Much less being a 9 year old and (I think) 6 year old. And how her poor parents are doing. Oh my lord that is the worst thought in the world something happening to one of my kids. Even now as I sit here on the couch typing this and they are chasing each other thru the living room screaming or Logan is riding Lucas like a horse or Logan keeps getting the step stool out of the bathroom and running thru the house with it. I would normally be stressing out ready beat them but today I am just glad they are healthy and able to run and play. I have hugged the boys and today so many times I think I am driving them crazy. Logan said " Mommy why ou cwyin" in his words.

Well I went straight from work to get the boys came home got settled and Bradley came in. So we took advantage of the brief glimpse of sun light this afternoon and we went outside to play. I posted a few pictures of the boys. My camera is at mom's so these are from my phone. I also posted some photos on my blog from this weekend..

Thankful for my Life and Family!

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  1. I just went on that blog and cried....it's so hard to understand things like that but I know God is with them - He knows what lies ahead and what is best, "Lean not on your own understanding..." Those pictures - such a beautiful family - Ok I can't even talk about it anymore or I won't be able to work.