Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad case of Spring Fever!!

So Monday is my day off and it was cold and dreary outside. Lucas slept until like 8:30 and Logan slept till about 10. I was so excited!! I actually got some needed sleep. Of course I have had a better mind this week after Sunday morning. The boys played and we had a small drama!

I don't know how Logan gets into these predicaments but he always does. He is so funny. All I heard was "momma help I stuck" in a much cuter way than you can type it. I started laughing. He said get me out and of course I did what any other good mother would do. I said "hold on let me get my camera first" LOL.. You know you would have done it too. I got him out and Lucas said Momma you are the best Momma I ever had. I was like I hope so. Kids are so funny..

So of course Lucas (I mean Spiderman) then had to have his picture made with all his toys. After I took the picture I realized he has took his quilt off and it was stuffed under the bed. BOYS!! What am I going to do with them..LOL

So Tuesday was a much different day. I had to work so the boys stayed with Yaya (LeAnne)today. Her kids are on spring break this week so they all played outside today because it was gorgeous today. I had to work a little later than normal today, but when I got off I wentto get the boys and we went home. Logan was laying in his bed watching TV and Lucas wanted me to watch Brother Bear with him. About 20 minutes into the movie I hear the snoring began, he gets that from his daddy. So Logan and I went outside. Wasn't long until Bradley got home. So after standing out there talking and playing with Logan for a while. Bradley came in to get a shower. Lucas woke up and him and Logan went back outside. Aunt B called and said what are yall doing. I told her we were playing outside about grill Bradley a hamburger. So her and Wilkins came over to play. When she got here we decided we wanted a hot dog. So we left Bradley here with all 3 kids and we ran to Publix. Came back grilled hot dogs for us and the kids. We let them play for a while. They had a blast. So I was still wanting to go walk. Lucas hopped on his bicycle and I put Logan in the wagon and off we went. As soon as we got to the road here comes Bradley he wanted to go too. So we took the walk around our neighborhood.

Logan was tired! He just about didn't make it back home. He kept saying bye bye house. LOL. He is so Crazy!!

Lucas rode the whole way. I was surprised I figured he would get tired. It is like almost a mile. But he wanted to go around again. It was just a good afternoon.

Oh well now I am getting my summer and spring clothes out. I hope they are all too big and I have to get a new WARDROBE. Oh well we are having a family picture made Saturday in the buttercups at the Sam Davis Home. The photographer we use does this special every year. And since that is where Bradley and I got married and it was this time of year. I thought it would make a good picture. I am excited. We haven't had a family picture since Lucas was like 10 months old. I am awful!! Oh well now I have to find what we are going to wear for that. LOL

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