Monday, March 8, 2010

Surprise weekend plans!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowboys! Love Logan's Face!!
They can smile!!

Wore these to church cause the sun was in his eyes!
Thanks Mamie for these beautiful Buzz glasses!

Cheese with a mouth full of candy!

Well Friday we woke up. It was all sunny outside. But me and the boys just stayed home all day. Mom was off work and had Addy so I thought we will go to the park. But I just kept working around the house the kids were playing and messing. I just let the day slip away from me. That is easy to do with this shift Bradley is on. I am so not complaining its just that he gets off work at 2:30 so he is home by 3. It makes for a short day. He has been working 4-10's for more than a year. But I am just thankful he has a job. He came home a few weeks ago telling me they had laid off his apprentice and a lot of other people. They actually laid off 3 people on one job so that they could make room for him over there. Which I hate so bad but I am so thankful that the lord watches out for us. I think he said they have 70 Pipefitters in the whole company. Last year at this time they had 270. So THANK YOU LORD he is one of those 70. He just found out they put him on this job to let him take it over so while all these people are getting laid off he is getting promoted to foreman. So I am blessed!!

Anyway when he got home Friday afternoon we went to Longhorn then to belks to get him a new belt. Because his broke at church Wednesday night. LOL..Which I thought was really funny because he really laughed at me when I wore two different shoes last week. He didn't think so.

Well we were on our way home for the night. I have been thinking all that I could do on this beautiful weekend. I was going to paint and organize my laundry room, Clean out the flower beds and the yard. But his mom called to tell us that his brother Douglas and April and girls were on there way up from Atlanta for the weekend. Don't get me wrong I was really excited they were coming. Since we hadn't seen them since Christmas. But my weekend plans went out the window ......

So Saturday we got up went down to his mom's as soon as we got there Carter was wanting to go to the flea market to get some trees. So after we drove to Lebanon to get his trees. We went to Demo's to eat (which was so good) Then back to their house to sit and watch tv. Meanwhile Bro Pat called and we had a leak at the church so they had to call off church because the city had shut the water off... So can you imagine how nice it would have been to have nothing to do on this beautiful day... Well we had a good time the kids had a blast. Carter and Edna's back yard is like a park. Swings slides playhouse sand box see saw tether ball etc..It is like 3 acres all fenced in..
So Sunday morning we went to church came home Bradley took a nap. I ran to Publix to get groceries came home put up groceries sat down on the couch and it was 10 minutes till 4....SOOOOOO since we have started having church at 5 on Sunday night. I got back up got the kids ready fixed my hair again and headed off to church. Which was really good and we were out by 7:15. The boys wanted to go home with Papaw again.. So we came home sat on the couch the rest of the night!!

But lord this morning has been a nightmare. Have you ever done anything so stupid and you wish you could take it back. Well I have and it seems the older I get the goofier I get!! But it seems like one stupid mistake keeps coming back to haunt you....I am like I thought I fixed that but it keeps rearing it ugly head. So it is only lunch and I feel like it has been 2 days worth of dramas. If it could go wrong today it has...LOL.....Don't you wish you were me with all my dramas...NOT!!!

Oh well as I sit here and write about my mild dramas. I can't help but think about Layla Grace...
She is a beautiful little 2 year old girl that is withering away right before her parents eyes with cancer...I am so thankful for my healthy boys.
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P.S. I go to weight watchers tonight..Wish me luck!! I have done really good this week and think that I have lost this week..I hope I have anyway..

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