Sunday, March 21, 2010

Graet Day!!

Today was great!! But let me start by telling you about last night. I got to church and as I thought it was our turn to clean so I went down stairs to get everything ready. We went up stairs and had several visitors. They were all mostly Brother Ron's family. So church was good and I am sitting there. Logan says momma I pee pee. I have been trying to potty train him so I got really excited!! I thought he was telling he had to go to the potty. So I was wrong!! He had already peed and it was everywhere. The pull up he had on didn't do anything. I took him to the bathroom took his clothes off and guess what else I had nothing to put on him. No diaper, no clothes, NOTHING. I was stressed!! Finally Terina gave me a diaper and Sister Marsha gave me a outfit that she had of her grandson. Which was a Jon Jon he looked ridiculous but oh well we made it. So I spent 80% of church down stairs. After we cleaned and got home it was after 10 and we were really tired.

So this morning we got up and got ready and off we went to church. It was one of best meetings I have been in maybe ever. I shouted my hair down two different times. Which it is rare that I do that one time in a month much less twice in one service. It was just a really good meeting. I mean alot of people got help. Everyone in my family got a blessing. Me Bradley Mom LeAnne and Michael and alot of other people.It was so good.. Then the boys went home with Papaw after church. So Bradley and I come home. I fixed him a hamburger. I wasn't hungry so I just went to bed. We both slept pretty much all afternoon and got up and headed back to church tonight. It was a good meeting again. Got to hear some good word of God and that was good. A few people that didn't get a chance to testify this morning got to tonight. After church we went to Catfish house with Bradley's parents and now I am sitting on the couch and the kids are running around being secret agents. Well that is what Lucas is doing. Logan is just being crazy!! LOL.. Maybe they will get sleepy in a little bit. But it sure ain't bothering because I am still floating from this morning. It was one of those blessing that stays with you. Bradley and I both are just smiling and so renewed feeling. Life is good and oh yea did I tell yall I lost 20lbs this month..I am still really excited about that...LOL.. I went to Belks Saturday afternoon and just tried on clothes. I think I tried on like 30 outfits.. It is so good to be 2 sizes smaller..Oh well have a good week!!!

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