Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring..Is Here!!

Yesterday was a busy fun day. First the boys and I got up and got ready. I actually got to put shorts and sandals on them.. I love this time of year. It was beautiful outside. I took them to get haircuts at Sports Clips. Which actually went really smooth. Lucas always just sits there and is so good. Logan not so much. He hates to get his haircut, but he did really good. So we then left to go pick up my new sit and stand stroller that I found on Craigslist for 75.00 (but I got them to take 60 for it) It was well worth 75.00..LOL..Anyway then we went and picked up LeAnne. Then off to meet Mom, Brandy, Wilkins and Addy at the mall. We had intentions to go see the Easter Bunny, but apparently the Easter Bunny doesn't come to the mall anymore. So we shopped I actually bought something to wear for Easter, but I am not real sure if that is what I am going to wear. Oh well in case I don't find anything else at least I got something. While we were there at the mall mom and I had to leave to go get weighed and checked for our diet pill refill. We have to go once a month so they can weigh us check our blood pressure all that good stuff. I have lost 20lbs this month....YAY I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway LeAnne and Brandy stayed at the mall and let the kids play in the little play area..(pictures above) Came back ran in Baby Gap then headed to Olive Garden for Lunch. Afterwards LeAnne had to go get her kids so Lucas went with her to play. Took Wilkins and Brandy home to take a nap. Then we took Logan to my house and put him in bed because Bradley was already home taking a nap..LOL. SO mom and I ran to Smyrna to my favorite little fabric store. Then back to mom's house to get Brandy and Wilkins, stopped to pick up LeAnne. Lucas then informed me not to come back to get him he was not coming he was spending the night..And that he did! Then just us girls were off to Mt. Juliet to another mall. We shopped until about 9:30. Then of course we were hungry again. After driving around all the restaurants we could only agree on Red Lobster. I only at ONE biscuit..That is will power!! It was so good and fresh..So of course somebody had to go in Walmart and of course we all had to go in. It was after 11:00 before we got to Mom's it was after 11:00. Well then Wilkins wouldn't let me put her down so she came home with me. Well I think mainly to see uncle Bradley. She loves him! I think it was after midnight before I got in bed. Bradley came to bed about 1:30 and Logan was still awake. That kid and his sleep patterns are all messed up from the time change. Oh well he slept until 8:30 and Wilkins didn't get up until 10 so that was nice. Now Bradley and I are just sitting on the couch being lazy. Michael is on his way here with Lucas. And I think Wilkins and Logan are destroying their bedroom. Oh Well they are doing it quietly! LOL I got to get up and go get some groceries so we can cook for church tonight!! Have a Great Weekend!!

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