Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rough Day!!

Well Wednesday started off really good the kids both slept till like 8:30. So I was super excited I got to sleep in a bit on my day off. We got up and ate breakfast. LeAnne called and needed me to keep Addy. That was fine since her and Lucas usually play really good together but today the argued over everything. I was ready to beat them all and put in separate rooms. But that was still not to bad. Until I hear Logan screaming "let me out". I then start hollering for Lucas to let him out. I figured they shut him in the closet or something. But I never hear Lucas. Just Logan still screaming. So I finally go in there room to not find Logan anywhere. I then realized he was in the spare bedroom. Somehow he had locked the door from the inside and could not get out. (I am still not sure Lucas and Addy didn't lock him in there, they were awfully quiet and never admitted to anything LOL) I tried breaking in, I tried to explain to him how to unlock it. After 45 minutes of him crying and saying "I want to watch Dora" (which was on in the living room and he could hear it.) "Let me Out" , "I stuck" etc. Not only was he locked in there by his self he had on underwear because I have been trying to potty train him. So while he was stuck in there he peed all over the place. So I finally decide to go outside to the window and coach him thru it. It worked finally he was freed and he said "Momma we did it"..LOL..So cute!! I know I must have looked like a nut to all my neighbors in my robe hollering at my window but it worked.

So LeAnne came and got Addy I put my boys down for a nap and thought it was a good time mop the floor before Bradley got home. So I don't know if yall do this or not by I do. Once they go to sleep I try to do everything I possibly can and my mind just races all that I can be doing. So I start to sweep then I think hey I need to get those clothes out of the dryer oh yea I need to put the dishes up. So as I am putting my dishes up I drop one of my princess house pasta bowls that I love and we eat out of all the time. And I guess I was trying to grab it before it hit the counter. And somehow it broke and gashed my pinkie finger open really good. So everything I am wanting to do is put on hold while I try to get it to stop bleeding. Here I am by myself and I am about to pass out. I couldn't get it to stop finally after like a hour it quit and I got a band aid on it. So when Bradley got home of course he wanted to see it. So we took the band aid off and it started again. But I think I will live now my finger is just really sore. I probably should have got stitches but I didn't. So we went to church the kids went home with Nana and Papaw. I had to work today and the sun was out. It might have been cold but I so enjoyed seeing the sun. I am sooooo looking forward to this nice weekend they are predicting. Especially since we have no plans and no where to be!! YEY!!! Have a good weekend!!

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  1. Haha I can picture you outside in your robe yelling to your window...Hilarious!! Not that he was stuck.